Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quinoa Tabbouli/Tabbouleh

Feb has been a rough month for me until now(later part is yet to come)...There has been no time to do anything..was buried in work and health related issues..The first thing I abandon at these time is this little space..and it is evident when you see only 2 recipes for this whole month. Now I cant redo it but to remove the guilt feel I have finally drafted a recipe and here it is...

Lightly tangy with loads of herbs and crisp and juicy veggies makes this a perfect,  filling and healthy salad that you want to make  for your snack, lunch or dinner...Do try this simple quick preparation...

Quinoa-1 cup
Cucumber-1/2 cup
Carrots-2 medium
Onion-1 small
Pomgranate arils-1/2 cup
Flat leaf parsley-1/4 cup
Coriander leaves-1/8 cup
Mint leaves-1/8 cup
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Olive oil-1/8 cup
Lemon Juice-1/8 cup

Method of Preparation:
1. Cook quinoa with required water for 15 mins or until you see a thread like stuff from them. Then drain the remaining water and keep aside to cool. Or you can cook quinoa(the above given amount) with just 2 cups of water,  till the water is completely evaporated and quinoa is cooked..
2. Finely dice cucumber,onion and carrots. Extract arils from pomegranates. Mince herbs.
3. Mix all ingredients together except oil and lemon juice.
4. In a bowl whisk lemon juice,salt,pepper and olive oil together and pour over the quinoa mixture.
5. Mix well and serve immediately
1. You can add green peppers, tomatoes,nuts to this.
2. Quinoa can be replaced with bulgur/bulgar or couscous.


  1. hi reshmi,
    i too have been so busy since last mid jan...just today i managed to do a post. Nice to see ur post today...lovely....have a good week ahead

  2. Quinoa Tabbouli looks yum :)
    so healthy dish.

  3. very tempting clicks, i know the dish tastes awesome...

  4. hi reshmi, you quioa tabouleh looks soooo delicious. the pomegranates makes it look so pretty too.

  5. Healthy and refreshing salad. loved the simple dressing

  6. Healthy recipe.i just love to see your photos.Awesome yaar.

  7. Hey Reshmi,
    Hope all is well at your end...A very healthy salad..beautiful pics

  8. Lovely tangy post :) we sure missed you Resh... but nevertheless your pics and styling compensate for them all :) simplicity and perfection at its best...take care girl, hope you are getting well

  9. wow!the clicks are so beautiful!!loved this colourful and healthy salad..lovely post !

  10. looks so different...its new recipe to me...have to ur clicks.....

  11. OMG!!!!Reshmi, i havent seen a better picture than this... gorgeous.. :)

  12. Refreshing salad.beautiful pictures

  13. looks good.. yummy Quinoa is my fav grain.. will try soon

  14. Healthy n filling salad, love this combo n delicious too...

  15. Tabbouleh is my new favorite. Never made it at home. Now that you mentioned i can make it with Quinoa, i can try it right away. Also have a pomegranate at home :)

  16. Very nice and healthy one. Pretty clicks

  17. Sometimes life makes us busy in some ways. Don't worry abt this little space. It will be there and speak abt you whenever you google out something. Atleast u are posting some recipes to keep it active. BTW, the recipe is new to me but like to prepare it. Like your back light photograph. beautiful...

  18. like your props :) clicks are awesome..

  19. Healthy and colorful salad,will try this.

  20. Gorgeous pics Reshmi and a lovely post!


  21. ithu kollamallo..haven't tried quinoa yet,how does it taste?? though have seen many recipes..looks a colorful quick fix dinner,great clicks with green board :)

  22. Nice recipe with Quinoa.Looks healthy and delicious

  23. Thats a beautiful Quinoa Tabbouli .....!!!Love salads with pomegranate...

  24. Wonderful recipe dear, luvd the clicks.

  25. Amazing dish dear. Perfect snaps....


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