Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Gulab Jamun's are brown colored balls dipped in flavored sugar syrup.

Milk powder -1cup
Maida(all purpose flour)- 1/4 cup
Baking powder -1/4 tsp
Salt A pinch
Milk -1/4 cup(to make the dough, use little by little)
Baking Soda-1/8 tsp
Ghee-1 tbsp
Sugar- 1 cup
Water- 1/2 cup
Oil To fry
Rose water-1tsp or
Cardamon pods- 3 nos

Method Of Preparation:
1. Mix the milk powder,baking soda,baking powder,salt, APF and ghee to form a grainy textured mixture.
2. Add milk little by little to form a soft and sticky dough.
3. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and keep it aside for 5 min.
4. Now make small balls of the dough.Its good to avoid cracks on the surface of the ball,else gulab jamun will break.
5.Heat the oil in a pan and drop the balls into oil once it is sufficient hot.When the ball rises turn it continuously to form a evenly browned balls.
6. When the balls turn light brown from all sides it is time to remove it from flame.

To make syrup(do simultaneously):
1.Heat the water,Cardamon pods and sugar in a pan till the sugar melts.
2. If adding rose water then remove the sugar syrup from flame and then add rose water.
3. After the syrup becomes warm, we can add the balls into it.
4. It is good to serve at room temperature or after cooling overnight.

1. While making the dough there should be enough of liquid. The dough will be sticky.After resting it will get better to handle.
2. Grease hands before making balls.
3. Do try to make balls with smooth surface as cracks will break while frying as well as soaking.
4. If the surface doesn,t turn soft use little ghee and milk to knead again.
5. Fry by checking the temperature of oil. Add a small puece of dough into oil and that should stay at bottom for a small time and then rise to top(float). This ensures that the inner of jamuns get cooked, else the outer will turn brown fast and inner will be hard even after cooking, a result of not being cooked.
6. Do not knead the dough by applying lot of soft.
7. Soak the jamuns when the sugar syrup is warm.
8. Make small balls as jamuns will bulge while frying as well as soaking.
9. Most of all wait till it is completely soaked in syrup..atleast 3 hrs to 5 hrs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CaRrOt HaLwA......Sweet & delicious

Hi Friends...
Lets cook something sweet and delicious....

1. Carrot(grated) 1Cup(200ml)
2. Milk 1Cup(200ml)
3.Water 1/2Cup
4.Ghee 3tsp
5.Sugar 3/4 Cup
6.Cashew,Raisins,Almond For garnishing
7.Vanilla Essence 1tsp(optional)

 Method Of Preparation
1. Take a pan and pour water into it.Boil the water and add the grated carrot into it and boil it till the carrot softens.
2. Then take another pan and heat the ghee in it.shallow fry the raisins ,almond and cashew and keep them apart.

3. To the remaining ghee add the milk and the sugar and keep it to boil.

4. When it starts boiling add the carrot that is partially boiled into the milk and keep on stirring.

5. When the consistency of halwa is reached,add a spoon of vanilla essence(optional),the fried nuts, and mix all together and turn off the gas.

6. You can serve it in room temperature,or by cooling it.

***Updated with pic.



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