Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons

Its almost a month that I posted anything here or been active on facebook. I am held up in packing and is extremely busy. Will be away for another month too. Thanks for all the messages :). For time being we can see the yummy post that I had prepared for a friend.
       Sireesha Puppala  from Siris Food is a  person most of you are familiar with. For me she is a cute bubbly girl with full of energy...We got to meet virtually through fb and then I have always enjoyed her clicks and drooled seeing the delicious food prepared by her..You will find a wide variety of recipes in her space and I say once you are there,  you will be lost in that wonderful world of treats. She had approached me long time back for the guest post and I accepted it. As many things came to front in my life,  I almost lost track of the date that I had committed. Then I suddenly remembered it and send her an email saying that it will be done soon but that soon took a  little long...:)
   Coming to the recipe, if you are a coconut lover and enjoy its chewiness with a hint of chocolate then this is it...Its from the book "Desserts 4 Today"..I have given it a little twist by adding cardamom powder. If you don't want you can just leave it. If you are someone who doesn't like chocolate, I never thought there will be someone like that until I met my husband..;) you can skip it and enjoy..

Do visit here to check how these simple and delicious macaroons are made...



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