Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CaRrOt HaLwA......Sweet & delicious

Hi Friends...
Lets cook something sweet and delicious....

1. Carrot(grated) 1Cup(200ml)
2. Milk 1Cup(200ml)
3.Water 1/2Cup
4.Ghee 3tsp
5.Sugar 3/4 Cup
6.Cashew,Raisins,Almond For garnishing
7.Vanilla Essence 1tsp(optional)

 Method Of Preparation
1. Take a pan and pour water into it.Boil the water and add the grated carrot into it and boil it till the carrot softens.
2. Then take another pan and heat the ghee in it.shallow fry the raisins ,almond and cashew and keep them apart.

3. To the remaining ghee add the milk and the sugar and keep it to boil.

4. When it starts boiling add the carrot that is partially boiled into the milk and keep on stirring.

5. When the consistency of halwa is reached,add a spoon of vanilla essence(optional),the fried nuts, and mix all together and turn off the gas.

6. You can serve it in room temperature,or by cooling it.

***Updated with pic.

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  1. I was trying to comment on the chocolate pudding,but could not find the comments tab :( The pudding is absolutely fantastic.Loved the strawberry sauce and the vanilla sauce as well.Have a wonderful valentine day with your valentine:)


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