Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fruit Salad

Do you believe in Good time and Bad time..hmmm I can hear some Yes and some Noooo...For me it was a Nooo until now...but boy was I wrong there...
These days Time has made me believe that its not "only Time" but its "Good time" and "Bad time"...and I am pretty sure that its bad time running for me.
Oh it all started 2 weeks back...A Wednesday night..My dear husband thought that it was perfect time to clean the not so problamatic drain with a he took the unopened chemical and started to open the package...Poor me who was sitting on the couch...head buried in the laptop..took a glance thinking what on earth are you doing?...felt bad for he doing it alone and went to help...ok we pulled the chemical package with both hands..and thud and ahhhhh...that 3 liter bottle fell on my leg...Finally hus kept the bottle and was near me who was half scolding and half crying..and yes its not yet used..:)
Next day
Cooking got over pretty fast...thought about making a salad..Went to chop cucumbers..Started off with knife..then realized about taking pics and posting in thought a mandolin was perfect for this task(perfect shape for perfect picture)...started off and to my surprise sliced a part of thumb.. For a second felt that blood from whole body would drain...Anyways that din't happen..was left with a wounded thumb and loads of medicines and pain..
Finally today...
The thumb looks fine...kind of dried with slight pain..started off with my cooking...and tada next event...yup..Its a burn this time...Was frying some snack and oil burst to face...Got some decent marks and yes pain too...hopefully will remain for a year or two.:( Now how on earth will I not believe in "Bad Time"...
Hey today's recipe has nothing to do with time...Though it is something for which you really dont need any time...

Strawberry-3 nos
Watermelon-15 to 20 pieces(cubed)
Grapes-10 nos
Pineapple-5 to 6 pieces
Orange-1/2 piece(juiced)
Basil-5 to 6 leaves
Honey(if needed)

Method of Preparation:
1. Cut the fruits as needed
2. Drizzle honey if needed
3. Mix the orange juice basil and rosemary with fruits and serve.Feel free to use any fruits.


  1. Nothing can be so refreshing in a heavy summer ! Truly a hearty post Reshmi.

  2. Very healthy and colorful salad. Beautiful click..

  3. hey Reshmi, felt bad reading about all the bad incidents...take care..hope this bad phase is over and some real good time starts for you..
    btw, the fruit salad looks very refreshing

  4. Oh God! I hope you feel better. Sometimes when you want to help things do happen, I am sure you will recover fast as the intent was to help. The fruit salad looks super colorful.

  5. oh god!take care..........put coconut oil on your face it'll lighten the marks and help heal the burn...........the salad is nice and take care.

  6. drooling dear !!! rush your entries for Fast Food Event - Noodles

  7. wow delicious salad reshmi,love the cute spooons:)

  8. With all the drawbacks you have managed to click fabulous pictures.The pictures sure have to make you happy.

  9.!! felt so bad after reading your pain n sufferings for the past days, so sorry n don't worry everything will resolve soon...Here also same Bad time with different things :( Believe in God n Everything will be alright soon!! Take good care dear!!
    Fruit Salad sounds refreshing n healthy...very nice pictures as always :)

  10. Hope u're fine & better dear..Very refreshing salad,yum!!

    Ongoing Events of EP Series @ Spicy Aroma

  11. So sorry to hear all the mishaps.Do take care.
    Salad looks so refreshing and delicious.

  12. I hope you're feeling better now Reshmi. The fruit salad looks lovely, stunning presentation. I love the new look of the blog!

  13. Hope everything will be fine..and salad looks so colourful..

  14. Hi Reshmi, first time here fruit salad is nice & well presented..... follow u....if u like plz join me

  15. Take care and hop u are feeling good now. Salad looks very colourful and awesome photos

  16. That looks really colorful and inviting, Reshmi - good to be back here dear :)

  17. Like they say "Time is the best healer" so both good n bad times pass away. And that is the essence of life. Hope you are feeling better now.
    The salad looks refreshing.
    Take care

  18. wow... salad looks colourful and fantastic... beautiful presentation....

  19. Thanks for all your lovely comments...I am feeling better now with the pain reduced but with dark spots all over right side of face..Hope it will go..:(

  20. i hope you are better now reshmi. but inspite of all these you still managed to post... that shows how much you love and have passion for blogging.

    thanks for all the lovely comments. when i saw ur blog url i was thinking it is some other blog. i was so wrong. i get mixed up at times.

    your photos are also good and i wonder how you managed to click with all these things happening with you.


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