Friday, March 15, 2013

White Bread using Tangzhong Method

Baking a bread and then enjoying the fruit of your work is the best thing to do..And if the bread turns super soft and delicious then you can sing along about it..:) This time Baking Partners group came up with baking bread using either Asian method-Tangzhong or the Scandinavian method. I went with the Tangzhong method where in one part of flour is heated to 65C with five part of water. This method yields soft breads. The recipe is from Christine's Recipe   and thanks Swathi for suggesting it. The bread was super soft and had great texture..Here is how its done..

Ingredients for tangzhong: 
Bread Flour-1/3 cup/50 gms
Water-1/2 cup
Milk-1/2 cup

Ingredients for bread:
Bread flour-21/2 cups/350gms
Caster Sugar-3 tbsp+2 tsp/55 gms
Salt-1 tsp/5gm
Egg-1 large/56gm
Milk powder-1 tbsp+ 1 tsp/7 gm(optional)
Milk-1/2 cup/125ml
Tangzhong-120 gm
Instant Yeast- 2 tsp/5 to 6 gm
Butter-3 tbsp/30gm(softened)

Method of Preparation:
1. Mix flour n water well without any lumps. Cook over medium low heat, stirring constantly  to avoid burning or sticking. The mixture starts to become thick.
2. Once you see some lines appear in mixture when you stir with spoon remove from heat. The temperature of mixture will be 65c/149F.
3. Transfer it to a clean bowl and wrap with a cling film to avoid drying. Once cooled completely this can be used to make bread. You can use it the same day or the next day.

Method of making bread:
1. Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl make  a well in center and set aside.
2. whisk egg, milk, tangzhong together and add this into the dry ingredients. Knead until everything comes together and you get a dough shape and gluten has developed. Then knead the butter.
3. Knead the dough into a ball shape and keep it in a  greased bowl covered with a kitchen towel to proof till its doubled in size, about 40 minutes or more depending on the weather.
4. Transfer it to a clean  floured surface. Deflate and divide the dough into four equal portions. Knead into small balls, wrap in cling film and let rest for 15 minutes. Meanwhile grease a 9"X 5" loaf pan. Preheat the oven to 350F.
5. Take a small ball and roll it to a small oval shape using a rolling pin. Fold the smaller side into center and then the other side slightly over the earlier one.
6. Now roll again to form a small rectangle and then make it to a roll. Keep the roll in the baking pan and continue with the other dough ball.
7. Set it aside covered with a kitchen towel to proof  for 40 minutes or till it reaches to 3/4th of the tin.
8. Apply a layer of egg wash to the dough and bake it in the preheated oven for  35 to 40 minutes. To check doneness tap the bread and you should hear a hollow sound.
9. Transfer to wire rack to cool completely. Slice and enjoy soft freshly baked bread. You can keep it in airtight box for later use.

Turned them to a simple sandwich.....
1. Tangzhong can be kept fr a day or two in fridge. Do not use it if you see it has turned dark. Top be on safer side use it on the day its made or the next day.
2. You can make this bread into rolls, shape it, fill it.
3. Instead of bread flour you can use all purpose flour.
4. For the half milk half water used in making tangzhong you can use full 1 cup water.
5. Instead of egg wash you can use milk or cream to get brown color, but gloss will not be there.
6. While baking if the top of your bread is browning fast then cover it with a foil.
7. The rise time of dough depends on the area you live.
8. The dough is very sticky.Its a mess when you knead with hand. You have to knead till it is soft and elastic and do not add extra dough. Kneading properly should help to get rid of stickiness.

For shaping the bread check this link.


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