Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plum Juice

My two year old loves shopping fruits...He runs around and picks/grabs  things that he sees..He puts them in a cover and drops it in the cart..So we would be running behind him to see that he doesn't run into other carts or bring any damage to his dads pocket by damaging stuffs around..:)
In this whole process I get a little chance to see to things thats in the cart..To check for its freshness and ripeness.Though I do it, it never goes to the ultimate check ending up with some over ripe fruits at home.
As for plum..we enjoy it when its firm and not over ripe..But last time we ended up with many over ripe fruits that had to be used in some way...

Thus this drink was made..
Loved the color and taste of it..

Plum-2 nos.
Water-1 cup
Sugar-4 tbsp

Method of preparation:
1. Wash, pit and chop the plum to small pieces with skin on.
2. Boil the water and sugar and when sugar disolves add the plum and cook for 5 to 8 mins.
3. Slightly mash the plum pieces to extract juice from it.
4. Turn of the heat and sieve the mixture using a fine mesh.Strain such that there is no flesh in the strained juice.
5. Add about a cup of chilled water to the drink.Serve chilled.

1. Plum skin add the sourness to this juice.If you need more tangy taste to the drink add a spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
2. Add sugar according to taste.


  1. Wow looks so tempting with the bright red color...yummy!

  2. Beautiful plum juice. I can imagine your little one picking the fruit.

  3. very refreshing and colourful plum juice.

  4. Loving that color.. Refreshing chiller

  5. The juice looks so refreshing ...... I can hog on fruits anytime. Can we substitute honey instead of adding sugar ? Thanks

  6. Wow what a refreshing n bright colored juice... Love it...

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  7. yummy n great juice. I too made it last week and everyone loved it...yummy

  8. wow,wat a color. love it :)Nice presentation too.,

  9. Healthy yummy juice,lovely colour...

  10. Love plums!! Can imagine how blissfully great this tangy/sweet concoction must be!

  11. lovely recipe, glasses and clicks Reshmi.. would love to try this...


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  12. wow this looks fresh. Nice way of making this juice.

  13. Refreshing and yummy,love the clicks.

  14. @ satrupa: I tried honey version..I cooked the fruit with water and then strained it into a glass with honey.It had the taste of honey.If you are fine with that then no prob. I also felt that when honey is added you can add little lemon juice.

  15. what a ravishing color!lovely drink!

  16. Super catchy and irresistible juice, simply delicious.


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