Friday, February 4, 2011

Award Again

This time its  Twin Awards.Thanks Sangeetha for thinking about me while giving the award.Its my second award for the month. 

One Lovely Blog Award

Stylish Blogger Award
Now its ur time to award rolling :)

Rules for Rolling:
1. Share 7 Things About Yourself
2. Award 15 Recently Discovered Great Blogger
3. Contact The Blogger and Inform Them of The Award
4. Thank the award-giver in ur post.

7 things about me...ummm...:)
1. Not too fat ,nor too lean.
2. Not too dark, nor too light
3. Not too silent, nor too talkative
4. Not too optimist, nor too pessimist
5. Not too tough, nor too soft
6. Not too friendly, nor too hostile.
7. Not too keen, nor too hesitant.;)

"Actually my rules are to pass on both these awards to my 15 co-bloggers but planned to pass on only 'Stylish award' as i have recently (Feb 2) awarded "One Lovely blog award" to my friends. Excuse me Sangeetha :)". copied the statements...;-)

15 nominees for award.
1. Reva
2. Jay


  1. Congrats on your award..One award is awaiting you on my blog..


  2. congrats and thanks for sharing !appreciated !1

  3. Congrats and a big thank you. Going by your comment I guess your biggest award in life is your darling child, sounds like a delightful child. Thanks for the instructions, I have got it now , I will collect the awards as soon as I select the 15 bloggers, and also think of 7 things about me well one of them is pretty obvious I am talkative.

  4. Congrats on ur award and thank u so much for sharing with me dear...

  5. Congrats dear..i am sure its well deserved:-)
    Thanks a bunch for sharing it with me:-)


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