Friday, March 4, 2011

ABC Halwa(Apple-Bannana-Carrot Halwa) for one pearl :)

As we were son put my finger into his mouth and a big haaa dropped from my mouth...I was surprised ....b'coz usually when he bit me it never had hurt before..So I put my finger back into his mouth to see what was it???Yes there came a new door in his mouth...The front bottom pearl...:)...Seeing that I could just think one thing only..."Yes so I am going to get many more bites....."

My Prince...

I just made a simple sweet on this occasion....Simple to prepare and tastes heavenly...I liked it more than carrot halwa:)

Carrots -1 cup(Grated)
Apples - 1 cup(Peeled and Grated)
Banana -1cup(Smashed)
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 and 1/2 cups(adjust according to your sugar level)
Almonds -few(chopped)
Cashew nuts -few(chopped)
Ghee - 3 tbsp
Cardamom Powder -1 tsp

1. Cook grated carrots in milk until soft.Add  apples and  banana and cook.
2. Then add sugar and cook till it becomes dry(halwa consistency).Keep on stirring it to avoid burning or sticking at the bottom.

3. Then add cardamom powder and mix well.
4. Heat ghee and add to the mixture and mix well till the Ghee oozes out and you can see it at the sides..
5. Remove from heat and garnish with chopped nuts.

1. Use a non stick pan.
2. Add sugar after the fruits become soft,else fruits wont get cooked.
3. Goes well with ice creams too...
4. Nuts are not compulsory.
5. Instead of grating apple you can also cut them to small pieces and pulse them with milk in mixer.Pulse for few seconds only,so that you don't make a juice of it.If doing this use the milk from that 1 cup only.


  1. Awwww...he is the cutest little prince!!
    loved the name of your will definitely love this :)

    US Masala

  2. Your son is so adorable..
    Abc halwa looks yummy and inviting.

  3. Your son is very cute... and perfect halwa your cute little prince.. and I loved the name of the halwa too...

  4. wow ur son is very cute !!

    halwa is very tempting and yummy !!!

    Thanks for ur wonderful comments !! happy to follow u !!

  5. He looks so adorable, thats a yummy and delicious halwa..

  6. what a cute short the name..ABC...Your son is adorable.

  7. Your Prince is cute. ABC halwa looks delicious, easy to make too.

  8. Reshmi congrads to a new season of bites :D. am sure you are gonna enjoy.. and ABC halwa is perfect for this occasion.. I will surely try this one..

  9. He looks so adorable..delicious halwa dear,looks inviting.

  10. Awww your son is so adorable !! Muaaah !!

    And the halwa is so delicious ... good for the grown up kids too ;-)


  11. First things with the kids are always memorable right from their teeth, first step, first words..... goes on. He is a so adorable. Halwa looks very yummy, yummy sweet to celebrate.

  12. Happy biting dear prince...lovely ctie pie.delicious halwa.

  13. Reshmi, your son looks so cute.. Babies looks even more cute when they smile with those little pearls showing off themselves.. I love this..

    And halwa looks delicious.. perfect for celebration!!

  14. You have such a charming little boy, god bless! Sweet halva for your sweet baby- perfect!

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  16. Hema Mahen said...
    Your son is cute and adorable... and the halwa looks delicious

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comments... Glad to follow you.

  17. Congrats on your prince's first pearl. He is a charmer :)

    Love the recipe and looks superb :)

  18. cute little ladoo.
    Halwa looks delicious and a chance to celebrate some occasion also

  19. What a lovely halwa:) and the name is also very unique :)

  20. Treasure these moments...dont know how much u gonna miss all this.. and what a way to celebrate...sweet and healthy!!! sure will be a hit with kids

  21. Yaaa the time first teeth comes is simply Great...enjoy the lovely bites
    ..Btw loved the halwa combination ..

  22. Your son looks soo cute and chubby. I was also soo thrilled when I got to know that my little one has got a pearl :)(BTW I have got soo many bites after that)
    ABC Halwa looks very delicious and tempting.

  23. Lovely halwa!
    Your son is so adorable, cutie pie, Cud guess how much thrilled you all are at those little pearls!

  24. tht's really sweet- nice & very delish looking; ur adorable darling looks veryyyyyyyyyy cute

  25. How CUTE! Another milestone reached.

  26. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments...

  27. monu looks so cute Reshmi.......halwa looks perfect

  28. Healthy and delicious recipe. Your son looks cute.

    Have to try this recipe for my little one

  29. Your son looks adorable (little prince he is!) - The halwa looks super sumptuous. Loved the texture and looks easy to prepare. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments- You have a new follower to ur blog!

  30. that sounds really easy and delicious


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