Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bread Kofta

1. Bread slices-3 nos
2. Potatoes-2 small/1 big(boiled)
3. Onion-1 no(finely sliced)
4. Garm masala powder-1 tsp
5. Red chilly powder-1 tsp
6. Cumin powder-1/4 tsp
7. Corn flour-1/4 cup
8. Coriander leaves chopped-2 tsp
9. Curry leaves- 1 stalk
10. Milk-1cup
11. Salt to taste
12. Oil for deep frying

Method Of Preparation:
1. Dip the bread slices in a cup of milk n squeeze out excess of milk, break them with fingers.
2. Peel potatoes and mash them finely in a large bowl, add the mashed bread ,  finely chopped onion pieces , garm masala powder,cumin powder, red chilly powder, finely chopped coriander leaves, finely chopped curry leaves n salt as per taste...mix everything well..
3. Mix the cornflour with water into thick batter.
4. Make small oval shaped balls with bread mixture.
5. Heat the oil for deep frying in a wok.
6. Dip the oval shaped koftas in cornflour and fry them until they turn brownish colour.
7. Serve hot.

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